Rebuilding with Broken Pieces

I was recently reminded of a concept that a wise potter once shared in class. While this potter spent his time mesmerizing us with his skill on the wheel he shared the differences of clay. He described how they can be tough but it takes time, but the part that I remember the best is about the broken pieces. You see when most people see broken pieces of pottery they think of it as a waste. However, as a potter when you see this broken piece of pottery you see that it can be reused. This broken piece of pottery can be ground up to a fine powder and added to clay. By doing this you are actually causing the new piece to be stronger than it would have been without those broken pieces.

The new pottery piece is stronger with the broken pieces than it would have been without them.

To be completely honest this past semester was a spiritually exhausting semester. It was one filled with a lot of fake smiles, pretending to have it together, and tears. I look back at last semester and remember plenty of moments spent in the car crying out to the Lord in complete anguish. I am not at all saying that the entire semester was spent in brokenness. In fact, I had a semester of excitement, new beginnings, beautiful opportunities, and joy. However, deep down there was brokenness that would no longer be ignored and could only be described through Psalm 69.

This time of brokenness brought me to a place that I had not been in quite a long time. It reminded me of a past that I am ashamed to say is a part of my story. It reminded me of my weakness, and left me too tired to try and hide.

My broken pieces needed to be examined. My broken pieces needed to be handed over. My broken pieces needed to be broken to smaller pieces and added to the clay that God was going to use to create something better. No longer was I allowed to hide behind the ‘I-have-it-all-together’ smile, nor was I allowed to pretend to those around me that life was just fine. I was forced to stop and remember that I cannot do a thing with God.

The thing about God is that he is faithful to answer us down those moments of brokenness when we cry out with little energy, “Help”. God comes and takes those broken pieces and promises to use it to glorify Him. He uses those broken pieces to remind us of our need for Him.

The Lord used my broken pieces to open my eyes to the fact that I was living in fear of a past that no longer was in control. He was reminding me that when He said that His son had died for ALL of my sins, he meant EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. No longer did I have to sit in my car fearful that everything would come crashing down around me because of a past that will forever be a part of my story.

My story is no longer that broken piece. My pottery no longer this jar depicting a past that was far from Him. Instead those pieces were smashed by God and used in the new piece that He designed that shows that He is stronger and more powerful than my past and that it is used to make the present piece stronger than ever before.




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